Outdoor Curved Stair Lift in San Francisco

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Outdoor Curved Stair Lift San Francisco

We recently finished this Outdoor Curved Stair Lift San Francisco and it is quite amazing. The install took a little more than a day but considering that this stairlift was almost 72 feet long, we are quite pleased. The customer built this house years ago and was facing the prospect of a difficult stair case to climb. Not wanting to move, they called us and we developed a great solution for them. This was a definitely a challenge as the lift needed to turn 5 times before reaching the top of the stair case.  With the outdoor curved stair lift, it comes with a zinc coated (not washed) rail. This ensures a long lifetime of use. The zinc look is actually a really neat look. They age well, too. Please take a look at the pictures to see how it came out! 

Bottom Landing

Outdoor Curved Stair Lift San Francisco

At the bottom of the stairlift (or chair lift) you can see the charging station. Just like our other stair lifts, this lift runs on batteries but the curved stair lifts only charge at the bottom of the rail. You’ll have to leave it all the way at the top or down to the bottom. Don’t try guessing where to stop it though. The chair automatically slows down and will gently stop on the charging station. The really nice thing about this installation is that the stairlift is hidden by the bushes from the street. That was a concern for our customer so we put it on the left side. We call that an INSIDE turn because as you’ll see the stairs turn to the left while you climb them. If we had put the stair lift on the right then this would have been called an OUTSIDE turn. 

What you also don’t see is any call stations to remotely operate the chair lift because they run on remotes. We tested the remotes and they operate the lift along the entire rail from any part of the steps. Adding a repeater helps us do this. 

Outdoor Curved Stair Lift San Francisco

After the first turn

Those wires aren’t ours, by the way. In our outdoor curved stair lift, the wires actually run inside the curved rails. It’s true of all our stair lifts that make turns. The great thing about this lift is just how tight we were able to get it again the railing. All of the feet are attached to the ground so that allows us to get as close as possible. From an engineering point of view, attaching at the feet allows us to use gravity in our favor versus mounting posts every 6 feet and then hanging the rail off it. 

Outdoor Curved Stair Lift San Francisco

When you consider the complicated nature of this staircase, the stair lift really came out great. This picture really shows the versatility of our outdoor curved stair lift: it can be mounted on any type of surface. On these stairs we start with redwood steps, transition to pressure treated wood and finally the pebble-mix concrete treads. On some of the feet we had to used heavy duty wood screws and also concrete lags since the foot on one side was on the wood portion of the step and the other side was on the concrete portion. It definitely made the install interesting! I actually like installing an outdoor stair lift because you get to be outside all day. …except when it’s raining. For an outdoor curved stair lift San Francisco provides a great challenge for stairs but we love taking them on. 

Looking down at the curved rail coming up the stairs

Outdoor Curved Stair Lift San Francisco

Now for a larger photo. I love this one. Take a look at the rail: it’s perfect.

Top Landing

Outdoor Curved Stair Lift San Francisco

You can see there are even more stairs to go up on but the homeowner decided to wait to put a stair lift on those steps. We definitely could have continued the rail but they want to keep using the stairs. We’ll come back eventually and put a straight outdoor stairlift on the other steps. You wouldn’t want to remake a whole new rail. 

On the Hawle Stair Lift, you can select the colors for the carriage and the upholstery for the chair. There are over 200 options for the carriage colors and 12 for the fabric. I like the seat belt on this lift too. It actually comes across the chest. It makes it easier to use while providing security for a person riding the chair upstairs. The controls are also on the arm like a joystick (you can see it there on the right hand arm). We can actually place the controls on either arm but they wanted it on the right side. It’s constant pressure meaning that you have to push the controls the whole time the chair lift is running. This is a code requirement from the ASME A18.1 code (the safety code for stair lifts and wheelchair lifts). 

As far as an outdoor curved stair lift San Francisco goes, this one performs as easily as one that only goes up 10 feet. We are very happy with the outcome and so is the homeowner. 

You can check out all our stair lifts here. If you have any questions, give us a call and we’ll come out and take a look at your stairs. It’s free and you never know, we’ll probably surprise you with a: Yes, we can put a stair lift on your staircase. 

A quick note about maintenance for any outdoor stair lift

People also want to know about maintenance for an outdoor curved stair lift San Francisco. Well, you’ll need to brush off any leaves or plant material that can get on the rail. Make sure that when you ride the chair, that you aren’t running over anything. That can cause problems. You’ll also want to take a quick look at each charging station as you use the lift. If you start to see some corrosion (because any metal product outside needs to be maintained) give us a call. We have a dedicated service department to handle all our installations in all of our locations. The manufacture also recommends semi-annual maintenance by a professional stair lift company. We also provide that as well. There are options for agreements or you can just give us a call every 6 months. 



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