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Straight Stair Lift Las Vegas, Installation Review

Hello everyone and welcome to another showcase of a Straight Stair Lift Las Vegas installation! This installation was completed a while ago but I just now got a chance to get the information out there for you.

I think you’ll be very impressed with what we show you. This is the first install post about the Stannah Scout Stair Lift.The Scout is a great addition to our stair lift models. Made by our stair lift manufacturer, Stannah, the Scout is designed for great value. It comes with the new straight rail design with the same carriage as our Sienna Stair Lift. It uses the tried and true design of the last model’s chair with an updated seat. 

Scout Stair Lift Las Vegas

Straight Stair Lift Las Vegas

Scout Stair Lift


What I really like about the Scout is that it is a great combination of so many new safety features. But it also is the best bang for your buck. If you just want something that gets you from downstairs to upstairs, this is the right stair lift for you. 

Scout Stair Lift Guide

Take a look at the photo and I’ll walk you through it: 

  1. Walnut Vinyl seat. It’s actually one of my favorite colors that Stannah makes. It’s not too crazy of a color and more of a milk chocolate color. 
  2. Newer controls. Take a look at the armrests. One of them has a darker color switch. It looks like two “bumps.” See it on the left armrest? That’s the switch to operate the stair lift up or down the stairs. It’s a very, very soft rubber. I really like it because if you have a hard time using your fingers or wrists with everyday buttons, this takes that worry away. You just grab it and push it the way you want to go. 
  3. On/Off. The right armrest has the red on/off rocker switch. Very easy to turn it on and off. 
  4. Wide footrest. A long time performer, this is the footrest from the last model: the 420 stair lift. It’s wide and a reliable performer. 
  5. Seat belt. Instead of the seat belt on our Starla Stair Lift, you get the standard seat belt.
  6. Manual Swivel. See where the seat meets the chair back? There is a small cream colored rod angling up. That’s the lever for the manual swivel. When the stair lift stops at the top of the stairs, you can just swivel to the right (or left) and get off. 
  7. Aluminum Rail. The rail is an unfinished aluminum. We can leave it matte or can polish it for you. Here’s another look at the rail:


straight stair lift las vegas


Scout Straight Stair Lift Las Vegas, Other Considerations

Looking again at the photo above, you can see just how tight we are able to get this straight stair lift las vegas close to the wall. It’s really tight, allowing for about an inch of running clearance between the chair back and the wall. 

You can also see that we place the feet approximately every three to five steps. The feet blend nicely into the carpet on this install. 

Outlets. You can’t see it on this installation but there needs to be an outlet within 6′ of the stair lift. That charges the batteries for this lift. That’s right! It runs on batteries. 

Lastly, while the arm rests and the footrest fold up, the seat does not. It’s actually ok as the seat doesn’t stick out very far beyond the footrest anyway. 


Not too much to learn or see here! The Scout really is a great value for your dollar. It’s a shame we can only put it on a straight rail and not a curved. Our customer was very happy to have this in her home. She can now use her upstairs! 


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