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Stair Lifts



Stair lifts, or chairlifts, are for anyone having difficulty with stairs.
Understandably, some people put off getting one. Yet our customers say life is so much easier with one and most wish they’d had one sooner.  At ACME Home Elevator, we appreciate great craftsmanship as well as the importance of safety, reliability and excellent value. We are here for our customers from the first call and after installation so that’s why we provide a stair chair lift that works when you need it. We’ve been installing and services stairlifts since 1987. And, in that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about them. We want to make sure it’s right for you and fits your life and your home. So, what do we provide? Only the highest quality in installation. Not only in with these lifts but also in our home elevators and wheelchair lifts.  We don’t forget our customers after the job is carried out. It’s just our way. Our factory-trained technicians and 30 years of experience in installing and maintaining stair lifts are there for you. Let us take care of the stairs, so you can take care of the more important things in your life.

So, How do Stair Lifts work?


How do stair lifts work

Magic. Actually, no but that’d be a lot of fun. There are three basic parts to a stair lift: the Rail, the Carriage, and the Seat.

The Rail

Back in the 1980s, the rail was made of powder coated steel. Today, most rails are aluminum. Ours are anodized aluminum. It makes for a nicer look against most stairs and stairwells.  The rail mounts to feet which are attached to the stairs. No part of the rail attaches to the wall despite common assumptions.

The Carriage

The carriage is the part of the stairlift that attaches to the rail. It houses the motor gear box, gears, and the main electronics of the stairlift. There is a pinion gear that attaches to the motor gearbox. When the motor turns, it is turned and climbs the gear rack on the rail. The batteries area also housed here.

The Chair

The chair is what most people know and the reason why most people call it a stair chair lift. The chair attaches to the carriage. Obviously, you sit in the chair and push the button to send the stair lift up the stairs.

ACME Home Elevator proudly represents Stannah Stair Lifts.

ACME Home Elevator has been awarded the Double Diamond Award by Stannah. The award is only given to dealers with exemplary Performance and Customer Service.  

The Stannah family have been making lifts of all types for over 140 years. In 1975, they turned their attention to designing and manufacturing stairlifts and now sell them in more than 40 countries world wide. In 2011, Stannah produced their 500,000th lift, which was commemorated with a visit from The Prince of Wales. Stannah makes the best quality stair lift and is a company that you can rely upon.


We design stairlifts specially to fit on narrow stairs for you and for other stair users.

We design them with a slim rail, a compact carriage and with folding arms, seat and footrest. That way, the entire chair folds away neatly. Extremely practical and convenient for everyone.

Our lifts can go round corners and double bends.

Our curved model is the most versatile stair lift available for narrow, curved stairs. It can travel round bends on either side of the staircase and negotiate intermediate landings and corridors with ease. Your rail will be manufactured to the exact dimensions of your staircase not assembled with off-the-shelf, pre-manufactured bent rails. The two-way powered swivel option enables you to swivel the chair to the safest position at both the top and bottom of the stairs, particularly in tight spaces.

Our stairlift is installed in just a matter of hours with minimum fuss.

Because our stairlifts are fitted to the stairs, not the wall, the process is quick, clean and simple. The ones on straight stairs are fastest. Our friendly installers will work with minimum fuss, tidy up afterwards, test the stair lift thoroughly and show you exactly how to use it before they leave.

Operation during a power outage.

As our stair lifts are battery powered, the stair lift continues to work even if your home loses power.

Commitment to Safety and Reliability

ACME Home Elevator’s owner, Terry Pope, is a long standing member of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) A17.1 Private Residence Elevator Committee.  With safety of the end user a priority with ACME Home Elevator, he has helped write the Accessibility Equipment Code for the State of CA with a focus on child safety and protection.

Family owned and operated

Terry founded ACME Home Elevator in 1987. Nancy Pope, Terry’s wife, joined soon after. Acme has become a multi-generational company now as Terry and Nancy’s son, Wes, is ACME’s President. This continuation will ensure ACME’scommitment to its customers with providing service from the first phone call until you don’t need us anymore.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a stair lift – for yourself, a parent or relative, a friend or a client – we’re here to make sure that you make the right choice – at the best price.

ACME Home Elevator has been providing stairlifts to our customers in California since 1987. Our owner, Terry Pope, is a founding member of the national code committee that governs how these lifts are manufactured and installed, the ASME A18 code.  You can rest assured that we will provide you with a great product that will allow you to safely enjoy all of your home.
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