Home Elevators in California


A Residential Elevator from ACME adds luxury and convenience to a new home or remodel and makes living in a multilevel home a breeze.  For 30 years, we’ve been installing and servicing home elevators in California. Our home elevators can be customized to any and all designs. We are fully licensed and insured and our elevators are manufactured in the USA according to a strict national code.  Adding an elevator to your home will also increase its value and make it an attractive resale option

New Construction Residential Elevators

Home Elevators

The sooner you call us the better! If we are involved with planning for the elevator from day one then we can identify any design issues or make suggestions for layouts that can significantly increase the quality of the final product as well as save costs. Most architects will try to put the home elevator on the edge of the house but that is typically best only in remodels. Designing for the home elevator from the start can make a big difference in its function. There are a lot of other questions which can be answered here as well.

Remodeling for a Home Elevator

When adding an elevator to your home, the biggest question is: where can we put the elevator?  Most often, it will be placed along side the edge of the home. When you’re adding a home elevator, you have to look at it as you’re doing an addition because you’re adding square footage to the house. There’s electrical, concrete, framing, drywall, painting and door work. There’s can also be roofing costs. We make sure that we are available every step of the way because this is difficult, especially when it’s your first elevator.

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