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ACME Home Elevator
4740 East 2nd Street, Suite 20
Benicia, CA 94510


Phone: 707-748-4490
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Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Benicia Office

Directions to our Benicia Office:

From Sacramento: take 680 south from Cordelia. Exit and Lake Herman road and turn right. Turn left at the stop sign at 2nd st. Travel down 2nd street for approximately 1 mile. Our office is on the left hand side right past the Benicia Grill. We are located in Suite 20, the last unit in the building on the left.

From Contra Costa County: take 680 north across the Benicia bridge. Stay left and exit onto 780. Take the 2nd street exit and turn right. Drive down 2nd for about a mile, past the Valero refinery and Rose street. We’re on the right hand side past the auto shops at the top of the hill. We are located in Suite 20, the last unit in the building on the left. 

Stair Lifts, Home Elevators and Wheelchair Lifts in Sacramento and Northern California. 

Looking for a Stair Lift (chair lift), Residential Elevator or Wheelchair Lift in Northern Californa? ACME Home Elevator has everything you need. We focus on providing the best equipment for a great price.  

ACME Home Elevator got its start installing Stair Lifts in Sacramento. Our very first stair lift ever installed was actually in Sacramento. It was a Cheney Stair Lift that Terry Pope installed with his own two hands out of his Dodge Caravan. Back then, the rails were a modified steel beam, fitted with a track for the gear. The stair lift didn’t have batteries, in fact, we had to hard wire it to the breaker! Batteries power the stair lift these days and they just plug into any outlet. ACME started in Davis and our first office was in Vacaville. Today, we provide stairlifts from Napa and Solano county to Sacramento and up to Lake Tahoe and Reno from our Benicia Office. Yes, it’s a large area but not everyone needs a Stair Lift, Residential Elevator or Wheelchair Lift. We drive. A LOT. It’s fun though and gives us time to catch up on Podcasts and books on tape. We here are very thankful for all our customers, especially those that believed in us from the beginning. It was the start of a great and amazing company built over years of providing the best stair lift at the best price. 

Additionally, ACME can service just about any residential elevator, stair lift or wheelchair lift in our area including Davis, Woodland, Vacaville, El Dorardo Hills, Lodi, Citrus Heights and even Lake Tahoe. Locally owned and operated by Wes Rockhold, ACME has built a office that focuses on high quality products and an affordable price. Our technicans are all factory trained and are sent through a rigourous in-house training program before ever being allowed in a customer’s home. We look forward to working with you on whatever product you need. We offer free in-home consulations so that we can help identify the correct solution for you. Just give us a call at 707-748-4490 and we’ll find a time that works for your schedule

Stair Lifts Sacramento

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ACME Home Elevator was actually founded in Davis CA in September of 1987.. We are proud to represent and supply Stannah Stair Lifts. We are also an award winning Double Diamond Dealer, signifying our committment to quality and customer service. Sacramento Stair Lifts are no different from any other stair lifts but we found that most stair cases are a bit wider and tend to be straight (rather than curved) than your typical stair case. Most curved stair lifts in Sacramento do a 90 degree turn or a U-turn (180 degree).  We also do the occaisional outdoor stairlift. We’ve had the outdoor units installed for decades and they do just great in the Northern California Weather!

Learn more about our Stair Lifts for Sacramento. 

I am helping my mother in law find a stairlift and I decided to give Acme a call. I was greeted by a very helpful lady, who answered all of my questions. I am impressed with a family owned local business and the extended warranty Acme would continue to cover, even after installation. If you are looking for an hones, local, quality-based company, look no further. 

– Brenda C.

Residential Elevators Sacramento and Northern California

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A Home Elevator can be the right option for your home. It really depends on the type of home you are building and what you want from your new home. If you’re more than one story and are building the home you want to stay in the rest of your life then it does make sense to design for a home elevator. We do plenty of installations in El Dorado Hills, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. But we also do quite a bit of remodels for home elevators throughout the valley. Plenty of homes, even the ones in the areas I mentioned, were built without an elevator.  So, they call us and ask us to add them after the fact. Home Elevators can come in a variety of drive systems, sizes, speeds, and finishes. 

Wheelchair Lifts in Sacramento and Northern California

Commerical Wheelchair Lift Las Vegas

Effective and reliable, our Wheelchair Lifts are usually the best fit for your home or for your business location. We’ve been installing and servicing wheelchair lifts as long as we’ve been in business. These make sense in a variety of locations but we typically install in homes, churches, a facility, or retail. Wheelchair lifts are a great solution when your budget doesn’t allow an elevator or if an elevator doesn’t make sense. The production times are shorter and installation times shorter as well. What matters most to our customers is that the lift is supplied quickly and will work everytime you push the button. They are either hydraulic or ACME screw drive operated. We can also supply the enclosure for the lift if you need us too.