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It can be confusing if you are thinking about a curved stair lift. People usually have little experience with one and there are a lot of unknowns. Questions abound, like: Will it work on my stairs? Or: How will I use it? This stair lift was finished recently. It is a Stannah Curved Stair lift with a turn and park at the top. This is the stair lift at its “parked” position at the top of the stairs.

Here is the bottom of the stairs.

The Stannah 260 really is the best curved stair lift out there. We would install it if it wasn’t. It is custom made to fit your stairs and uses a double rail system which provides for better stability and tighter turns.  We can do any corner or turn imaginable, which helps when you’re doing a stair lift in an old home in San Francisco or Berkeley.

So, is a stair lift right for you?

In the end, it just depends. Everyone’s stairs are different and everyone’s situation is different. What works for one person wouldn’t work for another, even if the stairs are similar. The reasons for considering a curved stair lift are many so it can be confusing. ACME does provide a free site visit if you’re looking for some answers. We’ll come out and look at your stairs and speak to you about YOUR specific situation and how a stair lift would help.