Wesley Rockhold

Stair Lift, Home elevator, and wheelchair lift expert

My first job was installing stair lifts with my Father in 1987. Since then, I’ve had a lot of jobs: cook, waiter, Naval Officer, Consultant, and more. I came back to where I started in 2010. ACME Home Elevator is now a part of Stannah Stairlifts and is moving forward with the best products and the best people. I love what I do and love my customers. 



Wes has a diverse background but the most of his time has been spent in accessibility. A license Elevator Mechanic in California. Licensed Elevator Contractor in 2 states. Wes now works for Stannah Stairlifts as the General Manager for North America. Wes is a committee member for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers on A17.1 Residential Elevators and A18.1. 

Years in Accessibility

Happy Customers

Code Committee Memberships



The easiest choice is to do the right thing. You’ll never go wrong doing the right thing. 

– Wesley Rockhold