About the Reliability of Acme’s Home Elevators in California & Nevada

When you walk up to your home elevator, it should come to you at the push of that call button. Our elevators are the most reliable. We should know, we have installed over 4,000 lifts over 25 years and each elevator is still in operation.

A reliable elevator is composed of many things – but the most crucial aspects of a reliable elevator are: quality of the materials, manufacturing and installation:

Materials: Our elevators are composed of the best materials for performance and dependability.

Choosing the finest steel, electronics and cab materials are only a part of the best elevator on the market.

Manufacturing: Following strict protocols of quality and precision engineering, every piece of our elevator is manufacturered according to a strict process and is monitored by an exacting quality control method.

Installation: ACME’s technicians are all in-house trained and certified by the State as Competent Conveyance Mechanics. There are things that can only happen during the installation that affect your elevator’s performance over it’s lifetime and we take extra steps during and after to ensure that your elevator is perfectly installed. We offer multiple service options to maintain your elevator’s performance and safety.