Home Owner Features for Home Elevators in California & Nevada

ACME Home Elevator is committed to providing only the best. That’s why we offer only the best elevators made on the market.

Engineered, Designed and Hand Built in the USA, our elevators represent the best of American ingenuity.  

Our Elevators come with a Cable Drive or Hydraulic system, with benefits to using each.

Additional Features are:

  • Smoothest Start and Finish due to our five speed valve system
  • State-of-the-art controller and computer
  • We use only Soy based Hydraulic fluid
  • Fire insulated wiring
  • Battery Back up
  • Standard cab height of 7’ 4”
  • Clear inside cab size of up to 18 sqft
  • Speeds up to 75 fpm (standard speed is 40 fpm)

We can customize your cab to integrate with your design. There is no limit to what we can provide!