Doors and Gates for Home Elevators in California & Nevada

A Home Elevator from ACME adds luxury and convenience to a new home or remodel and makes living in a multilevel home a breeze.  For 30 years, we’ve been installing and servicing residential elevators in California and Nevada. Our elevators can be customized to any and all designs. We are fully licensed and insuredand our elevatorsare manufactured in the USA according to a strict national code.  Adding an elevator to your home will also increase its value and make it an attractive resale option


ACME is the exclusive supplier of the Tambour Gate. It is standard on our Artisan Cab option. The Tambour gate is more attractive and a perfect alternative for those want an option with more style than the woodfold gate.

The Tambour Gate comes in wood, aluminum, steel mesh, or acrylic. The wood on the Tambour Gate will match the walls of the Artisan Cab. An industry first!

Tambour Gate Image


For the home owner that wants the “Complete Elevator Experience.”

ACME has been installing and servicing commercial-type, Side Sliding Doors for over 25 years. These doors are exactly like what you’d see in a commercial building and are a fantastic finishing choice. We can offer these doors in painted or stainless steel and even in more customized options like glass and bronze.

Commercial, Side Slide Doors Image


The standard gate used in the industry is the accordion gate. It is manufactured in the USA and is available in many options. Standard is laminate but wood, acrylic and aluminum is also available.

ACME Home Elevator recommends using what is called a 540 series gate. Basically, it is a sturdier, more reliable gate that will last you much longer than the standard gate.

Accordion Gates Image