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I was talking to our owner the other day and he asked me to look for an article on the effect moving has on people over the age of 65 or “Seasoned Citizens,” as he likes to call the other members of his generation.

I found the article he mentioned here.

Here’s what I took away: “What has been observed by daily experience throughout the entire long term care industry, and supported by numerous studies, is that individuals living in institutional care (regardless of age) will have significantly shorter life expectancies than their contemporaries living independently. Mortality is not only driven by their condition, but also by the impact of the significant change in environment

Here’s another article about downsizing in retirement.

It goes into the financial costs of moving which can very easily total over $25,000, including realtor’s fees.

There are many reasons to get a stair lift but we hear most often that people just want to stay in their home. I completely agree! That’s where your kids took their first steps and went to school. It’s where you have had holidays and birthdays.

Whatever your reason, we can help. ACME has been installing stair lifts for over 25 years. It is a great passion for us and we strive to make it easy, quick and most of all, safe for you. Here is some information about our stair lifts:

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