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Straight Stair Lift Los Angeles, Installation Review

Hello and welcome to another stair lift showcase! Today, we’ll be looking at the installation of a Straight Stair Lift. You can get a Straight Stair Lift in Los Angeles, just like this satisfied customer! This installation was actually done a little while ago, but we’re happy to review it with you here.

This straight Stair Lift  install is actually with Stannah’s efficient and affordable Scout Chair Lift.The Scout has proven to be a welcome addition to our line of top-quality stair lifts. Made by the expert stair lift manufacturers at Stannah, the Scout was built to combine reliability and value. It comes with the 600 model straight rail design and with the same carriage and key componets as our Siena Stair Lift. It also utilizes the proven design of the 420 model’s carriage, with an updated chair. 

Scout Stair Lift Los Angeles

Straight Stair Lift Los Angeles

The Scout Stair Lift in Los Angeles


What’s great about the Scout is that it combines the tried and true designs of our older models with exceptional safety features from our newer stair lifts . Your dollar goes further with the Scout and you get excellent value. If you’re just looking for a stair lift to get you from downstairs to upstairs, this is the right stair lift for you. 

Scout Stair Lift Guide

Take a look at the photo and we’ll walk you through the specifics: 

  1. Walnut Vinyl seat. A simple brown color, more of a milk chocolate color, with rich brown tones. A great option to match wood and rustic-styled homes.
  2. Ergonomic controls. Take a look at the hand control on the armrest. See the two “bumps” on the left armrest? That’s the control you use to operate the stair lift. It’s a very soft rubber, easy to use with any part of your hand. Just push and hold the control in the direction you want to go. It’s that easy!
  3. On/Off. The right armrest has the red on/off rocker switch. Very simple to turn on and off. 
  4. Wide footrest. A long time performer, this is the footrest from the last model: the 420 stair lift. It’s wide, so you can securely place your feet on it.
  5. Seat belt. Instead of the seat belt on our Starla Stair Lift, you get the standard “center-clasp” seat belt.
  6. Manual Swivel. See where the seat meets the chair back? There is a small cream colored rod angling up. That’s the manual swivel lever. When the stair lift reaches the top of the stairs, you engage the levers and swivel towards the landing, where you can get off safely.
  7. Aluminum Rail. The rail is an unfinished aluminum. We can leave it matte or can polish it for a shiny finish. Take another look at the rail below:


straight stair lift Los Angeles


Scout Straight Stair Lift Los Angeles, Other Considerations

A closer look at the photo above reveals just how tight to the wall we can get this straight stair lift. Los Angeles homes can be tricky, so this is a big advantage. It’s really snug, allowing for just about an inch of clearance between the chair back and the wall or railing. 

You might have noticed that we place the feet approximately every three to five steps. In the case of this installation, the feet blend into the carpet nicely.

Outlets. You can’t see it on this installation, but there needs to be an outlet within 6′ of the stair lift (top or bottom of the stairs). The stair lift plugs into a regular outlet, which charges the batteries. The batteries will continue to work in the case of a power outage.

Lastly, while the arm rests and the footrest fold up, the seat itself does not. Fortunately, the seat is short, so it doesn’t stick out much beyond the folded footrest anyway. 


Not too much to learn or see here! The Scout is a simple stair lift, with a straightforward design that carries with it great value for your dollar. The only downside is that we can only install it on a straight rail and not a curved. Still, our customer was very pleased to have this in her home and now has the full use of her home back! Maybe the Scout can be a good option for you? Call us today to find out!


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