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Installation of a Curved Stair Lift in San Jose

Hello everyone. We recently finished an installation of a curved stair lift san jose. This customer contacted us about getting a new stair lift for her Aunt. Her Aunt was suffering from arthritis in her knees and back. Recently, she went to walk up the stairs. The got together and tried to find solutions in the home but in the end they decided to get a stair lift. She called us and had one of our advisors come out. She has quite a staircase but it proved to be no problem for us and Stannah. This is called a spiral staircase. Not too common for a Curved Stair Lift San Jose. The stairs slowly turn to the right as it rises. This can be a challenging stair lift to do as you have to be exact in your measurements and design.

We came out and did our survey of the steps. We place markers on each step and then take a variety of photos. Afterwards, engineering made us a set of drawings that show the stairlift from multiple angles. After we made some adjustments, the homeowner signed the drawings and production started. Because the stair lift rails are made specifically for the staircase, it did take a few weeks to get them. It was worth it thought! Here are the photos. 

Stairlift at the bottom of the stairs

curved stair lift san jose

There are a few things I wanted to point out in this photo:

  1. The Customer opted for our new Starla chair. The Starla chair is a great upgrade. Besides having more design, it has more safety features and a motorized footrest. The stair chair lift also has a slight lean back from the seat. It makes for a a more comfortable ride. You can see more fabric options and read more about it here.
  2. See how the stair lift tucks around the corner? This is what we call a turn-and-park. Pretty simple but you can see how it takes advantage of some open space and allows the stair lift to move out of the way of the traffic in front of and around the stairs. 
  3. This staircase turns to the right but we put the stair lift on the left. This rail layout is called an Outside Turn. This adds some rail length but it worked in this house. See the photo below. 

Here, you can see a better picture of the stair case:

Spiral Curved Stair Lift up the stairs

spiral curved stair lift san jose

See how the stair lift rail curves around the OUTSIDE of the turn. Hence, why we call it on outside turn. The Stannah curved stair lift rail fits very snug and close along the stairwell. You can see the rack for the stair lift hidden behind the lower tube. This is a safety feature, making sure that you’ll be protected if you bump against the rail while climbing the stairs. This is also a good photo of the spiral turn of the stair case. I really like how this one turned out. The customer opted for the standard rail color but you can also get beige, brown and black. 

Turn and park at the top

top landing curved stair lift san jose

Another good example of the turn-and-park feature of this curved stair lift San Jose. It just makes the stair lift more usable and comfortable for our homeowner’s Aunt. She could very easily done an incline finish which means it would stop right at the top landing. But there was a ton of room here so she took advantage of it. To get an idea of cost, you can check out this page here. If you want to read more about our stair lifts you can here.

Or if you’re ready to have us take a look at your stairs. Give us a call at 1-800-888-5267 and someone will get in touch with you ASAP.


Wes Rockhold