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At ACME Home Elevator, we appreciate great craftsmanship as well as the importance of safety, reliability and excellent value which is why we proudly represent Stannah Stairlifts. 

Stannah is a brand you can trust. The Stannah family has been making lifts of all types for over 150 years. In 1975, they turned their attention to designing and manufacturing stairlifts and now sell them in more than 40 countries world wide, with over 750,000 installations to date.

ACME’s factory-trained technicians and our 33 years of experience in installing and maintaining stairlifts will make sure yours  fits your life and home. Let us take care of the stairs, so you can take care of the more important things in your life.

Which stairlift is right for you?


Not sure where to start? Read our honest stairlift guide for helpful advice on what to look for in a stairlift and stairlift company.

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Stairlift Models

We offer several models of stairlifts, each with unique features that address specific needs. Take a look at all of our stairlift models and find out which is right for you. 

Stairlift Costs

How much will it cost? Get ballpark figures for the different stairlift types: straight, curved, and outdoor. 

We’ve Been Installing Stairlifts For Over 30 Years

ACME Home Elevator has been installing elevators in California since 1987. You will find the highest level of attention and care. Our service quality is not limited to stairlift installations, but also extends to our home elevators and wheelchair lifts as well. As a division of Stannah, a world leader in stairlift manufacturing, we provide proven reliability and safety factory direct.

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The Stannah ACME Difference

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Safety features included as standard, and sensible options to meet your needs.
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The Highest Quality Standards

Strictly tested to well above industry standards, our stairlifts are best in class.

Certified Technicians

ACME’s technicians are all factory trained by Stannah.

Excellent Warranty

Stannah stairlifts come with a Lifetime warranty for new stairlifts.

Let’s talk stairlifts

Our team is ready to help you find the solution that’s best for your needs. Get in touch today and let’s start the conversation!
Your frequently asked Questions, Answered
How do stairlifts work?

ACME stairlifts have three main parts: the rail, chair and carriage.

A stairlift rides on a rail that mounts to feet which are attached to the stairs. No part of the rail attaches to the wall despite common assumptions and concerns.

The chair is what most people know and the reason why most people call it a stair chair lift. You sit in the chair and push a button to send the stair lift up the stairs.

The carriage is the part of the stairlift that attaches to the rail. It houses the motor gear box, gears, and the main electronics of the stairlift. The batteries area also housed here.

Will a stairlift fit on narrow stairs?
We design stairlifts that will fit on narrow stairs for you and for other stair users. We design them with a slim rail, a compact carriage and with folding arms, seat and footrest. That way, the entire chair folds away neatly. Extremely practical and convenient for everyone.
Do you have stairlifts for curved stairs?

Our lifts can go round corners and double bends. Our curved model is the most versatile stairlift available for narrow, curved stairs. It can travel round bends on either side of the staircase and negotiate intermediate landings and corridors with ease. Your rail will be manufactured to the exact dimensions of your staircase not assembled with off-the-shelf, pre-manufactured bent rails. The two-way powered swivel option enables you to swivel the chair to the safest position at both the top and bottom of the stairs, particularly in tight spaces.

How long will it take to install a stairlift?
Our stairlift is installed in just a matter of hours with minimum fuss. Because our stairlifts are fitted to the stairs, not the wall, the process is quick, clean and simple. The ones on straight stairs are fastest. Our friendly installers will work with minimum fuss, tidy up afterwards, test the stairlift thoroughly and show you exactly how to use it before they leave.
What if I lose power?

As our stair lifts are battery powered, the stair lift continues to work even if your home loses power.

What kind of warranty is supplied?
Your stairlift comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor/gearbox.
What about service and maintenance?
You get a market-leading warranty on your new stairlift, which includes a call-out service.

Stannah ACME Stairlift Reviews

At present, I am still able to walk up and down the stairs but carrying heavy objects upstairs is quite difficult and the chair lift has solved that problem. ACME was chosen because a competing firm said that what I had requested couldn’t be done. ACME proved that, in fact, what I had reqeuested could be done and done well! Thank you for your service!


I was so pleased with the professional skills and respect for the customer by ACME Home Elevator in sending an installation specialist like Vic to install my chair lift on February 14th, 2012. He was excellent in providing this service and very considerate of the customer and helpful. I do have a disability and this excellent work will be recommended by me to any other friends who have a two story home and want it to become more accessible by getting a chair lift by ACME installed by an excellent professional in his work and considerate like Vic…Read the full review here.

K. Wikstrom

“What a blessing each of you has been to our family. We put a great deal of prayer and thought into purchasing a stair chair. Each of you have shown our family kindness, courtesy and give us professional service. Please remember to stop and visit anytime you’re in our area!! We would so enjoy seeing you.”


We custom install Stannah stairlifts

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