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Hi everyone, It’s been a long time but we’ve been so busy with installs and hiring that I got away from updating you on the wonderful world of Stair Lifts and Home Elevators. Sorry! I know how much everyone looks forward to reading about the wonders of the Stannah Stair Lift or the quality of our Custom Elevators.

Usually, I’ll post some photos and describe a recent installation in San Francisco or Las Vegas or Los Angeles but today I want to talk about a very interesting conversation I had with a gentleman on the phone. The conversation went like this:

Wes: “ACME Home Elevator, how may I help you?”

Gentleman: “How much is your stair lift?”

Wes: “Well, it depends on the stair case, curved or straight, indoor or outdoor. It just depends. What kind of stair case do you have?”

Gentleman: “I just want to know how much!?”

The conversation just went downhill from there. No matter what I said, he just wanted to know: how much is a stair lift?

An in-home consulation is the best way to get a price for your stair lift. 

The answer is: “It just depends on the stairs and on what you want.”

By now you probably know the difference between a curved and straight stair lift. You can read more about that here.

I’ve found that it can be difficult to describe what you have on the phone. Straight or Curved? What type of curved? Inside turn or outside turn? 

What are you reasons for needing a stair lift? That affects the options needed. 

But you also might have a high traffic area, so you might need a retractable rail. You might want to make the stair lift turn and park out of the way. Maybe you like a different style chair; we offer many different combinations.

What quality are you looking for? Or is the lowest price what you want? This is important as, I’m sure you know, the two do NOT go together. We know that there are differences in stair lift manufacturers and only choose those with the highest quality.

There are a ton of sites that discuss companies and the manufacturers. The Better Business Bureau is very reliable. Also check Yelp and Angie’s List. Do NOT trust random sites that say: the top ten stairlifts! Or, the best stairlifts! These are junk sites, put up most likely by the the person whose stair lift is ranked, surprisingly, Number 1!

Ask your friends! Some people love to talk about their stair lifts.

Also, try it before you buy it. We have show rooms in each location and can guide you through our options.

Going back to my conversation with the gentleman on the phone, the I tried to communicate our commitment to quality and service but he only wanted to know how much. Despite my offer of a free consultation, he declined and then said, “you are probably too much anyway.”

If you just want to know how much does a stair lift cost then you can find that out by taking the time to meet with us. We provide a free consultation that will get you an exact quote that takes into account you, your stairs, and your home. 

What we provide is a quality stair lift and installation. We provide quality service and reliability. If that’s what you want, give us a call or you can fill out or form.