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So, your stairs are special. Or do you think that they’re all the same?

The reality is that there are some common elements among stair cases but not one is exactly alike. When a carpenter builds a set of stairs, he usually doesn’t have a pre-made kit. He measures, cuts and installs each riser and tread.

After 25 years of doing this, we can explicitly say that no two sets of stairs are the same. Some can be similar but little differences here and there add up.

What does this all mean?

A custom made rail is what is needed to provide you with the safest and least intrusive solution. We can put a stair lift on just about any set of stairs: 90 degree turns, 180 degree turns, wide radius, pie-shaped steps, etc. Nothing is really out of the range of possibilities.  Beyond that, you can add custom starting and finishing rail sections, as in the picture above.  We also have a range of fabric and style selections for you stair lift.

Off-the-shelf products may be quicker but we find that most people wished they hadn’t chose it. You won’t get the same quality and that truly matters when you are talking about your safety and the safety of your family.

Our Starla Stair Lift is our most popular curved lift:

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