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I was reading articles on CNBC and found this one on Boomers Trying to Downsize. To summarize, a couple near DC, whose children have all moved out, was looking to sell their home and move into downtown. They found out that they couldn’t as the prices downtown were much higher than their home in the suburbs. So, as the lady in the article said,”Here we stay!”

The article comes off sad but I think they actually have it pretty good: house all paid off and still a lot of room. See, my parents, who are Boomers as well, already went through this. They sold their large home and moved into a 2 bedroom condo. They should have loved it but they didn’t quite. Some days, I know that they were unhappy. They have since moved out into a 3 bedroom house and are SO HAPPY. I mean, EAR TO EAR grins.

Maybe my parents are the exception, the certainly have been most of their lives, but I believe that most people want to stay in their homes.

So says a CNN article from October: not only did 42% of those surveyed wanted to stay in their home but an additional 32% wanted to buy a bigger home!

These issues interest me obviously since we specialize in stair lifts, home elevators, etc., basically, anything that helps people defeat stairs (and our largest customers are seniors for stair lifts).

If you are a boomer and looking to move, make sure that the house will work for you but don’t let the stairs hold you back from purchasing that house you love. Our stair lifts will help you overcome those stairs if you can’t one day.

If you aren’t looking to move, our stair lifts will help you stay in the home you love!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!