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We get many calls for stair lifts in San Francisco. We’ve been serving the Bay Area since 1987 so we know our way around a few neighborhoods in the city. If there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that there is never the same staircase in the same house, especially here! The amazing architecture on the outside of all those beautiful homes is reflected in the inside as well. We’ve done stairlifts that curve any way you can imagine as well as straight and outdoor stair lifts.


A few years ago we did this stairlift for Norma Shattuck. A wonderful women who was gracious enough to write an article about staying in her home for the SF Chronicle.

As you can see, the stair lift hugs the wall but is mounted to the floor. Every curved lift we install is custom made and fits perfectly to your stairs.

Please call us and let us know how we can help you put a stair lift in your home in San Francisco!