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Hi everyone. I’m starting a new series on purchasing a stair lift. Over the upcoming weeks, I’ll cover the entire process from deciding when you’re ready to purchase a stair lift to doing your research to selecting a provider to after care and maintenance.

I’ll update this page to link to the new posts as I make them. Here’s the list of topics:

  • Do I (or my loved one) need a stair lift and when should I start looking at them? 
  • Any stair lift will fit my stairs, right? (or what I like to call: all stairs are the same)
  • When looking at stair lifts, researcher beware!
  • Evaluating manufacturers and providers
  • What kind of stair lift do I need?
  • Selecting a company/provider
  • Installation day
  • After care and maintenance

I want to try to make the whole process easier for anyone looking to buy a stair lift. This product isn’t well known. Choosing a company can be a harrowing experience because of the glut of information (and misinformation) out there.  People don’t want to make mistakes on buying a stair lift and it is an important purchase.

If you somehow stumble on this series and you aren’t looking for a stair lift in California or Nevada, don’t worry. I’m not doing this to sell stair lifts to everyone across the world. Look locally. Find someone who your friends recommend. If that doesn’t work, give us a call and we can recommend a local company.