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Stairlift, Chairlift for Stairs, Home Elevators, Platform lifts and More Services in San Jose

At ACME Home Elevator, we’ve been making lives better for over 20 years. We’ve helped thousands of San Jose individuals just like you improve their mobility in the home. We are proud to serve the beautiful city of San Jose, located in Santa Clara County and considered the Capital of Silicon Valley.


Stair lifts are the perfect addition for multiple story homes. In the past, injuries and handicaps have forced folks to move out of homes they love simply because so much of their living space became unavailable. The right stair lift changes that and allows individuals to stay in their homes and enjoy a high quality of life.


Home elevators are a popular addition to homes being built or remodeled. They add luxury and convenience to any home. In addition, they instantly increase a home’s resale value. They make it easy to transport people as well as furniture and groceries between floors, and come complete with emergency features that offer peace of mind.


Incline wheelchair lifts come in a variety of models, including those suitable for a straight stairwell or a multiple level one. Vertical wheelchair lifts can be installed outside and easily overcome barriers such as outdoor steps. They are popular for both residential and commercial properties.


A hillside home can be breathtaking and is a sought after dream of many homeowners. You can easily make moving around such a property easy for you and your family with a hillside lift. Durable and attractive, these outdoor lifts are a perfect addition for families with small children or elderly members.


Looking for a way to increase mobility and add luxury and convenience to your home and property? Give ACME a call today and let us show you what we can do to add quality to your life.


“The product is of high quality & excellent operating handling. (The installer’s) knowledge of the equipment, installation & use application were excellent.” The Whalley Residence in San Jose has a curved staircase that ACME was able to outfit with a Stannah Sarum Stairlift. *from website Testimonials