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Lift chairs are widely used these days by the immobilized and the aged people and those people that experience difficulty in standing or sitting because of body pain. Are you one of them who is suffering from such problem and planning to buy a lift? Congratulations we at Acme Home Elevator can help you. No matter you need Chair Lift for Stairs or Stannah Stairlift we offer it all. These devices will offer you more independence, comfortable posture and the needed mobility. The Stannah style lift is quite affordable and has been specially designed for straight staircases. It is just ideal for a single storey dwelling with a basement or a double storey home. With its smooth and hassle-free start and stop option you can enjoy a comfortable and safe ride. Our service areas include Anaheim, Berkerley, Irvine, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacremento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Walnut Creek, Henderson, NV, Las Vegas and NV.

Top  Advantages

By investing in our top quality lifts you can enjoy the following advantages,

·         It will allow an elderly person in your home to easily move between the different floors in your home, which means it will offer them complete independence

·         Sense of freedom and emotional relief that it will offer your loved ones is truly priceless

·         With these lifts senior citizens and those suffering from mobility issues will no longer feel helpless and trapped inside their home

·         It will be of a great help if you havea caregiver appointed in your house to look after an elderly family member. This way they can move your loved one easily and safely up and down the stairs

·         It will allow an elderly to stay in their home rather than being hospitalized

So if you need any form of lifts now you know whom to call right? We at Acme Home Elevator are there to take care of your variegated needs.