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I’ve been waiting to share this one: Three level, Curved Stair Lift San Francisco. Obviously, we love Stannah Stair Lifts here at ACME. We’ve been installing them for over ten years. They were the best then and they are the best now. I’ve posted a few times about ACME installs of a Stair Lift in San Jose and another Curved Stair Lift in the Bay Area.

This customer came to us with a challenge: they wanted to stay in their beautiful home but they lived on the second floor that was actually a vertical rise of three levels. That doesn’t happen every day, especially here in California. Fortunately, we’ve done a few of these before. Our customer called us up and took advantage of our free appointment. Once they decided to go forward, we completed a digital survey of the stair case. This is a proprietary technology that Stannah created years ago. It is one of the reasons we can get such clear measurements of the stair case. We forwarded the survey to engineering and they returned the stair lift drawings to us quickly.


Spiral Stair Lift San Francisco

Curved Stair Lift San Francisco Drawings

What a stair case! Our representative did a great survey and got exact measurements needed to build the lift. We call this an outside, spiral stair case. Outside because the stair lift rides around the outside of the stairs turn, not the inside. Spiral because, well, it’s a spiral!

Installation Photos

Outside spiral photo

Spiral Stair case for Stair Lift

This photo was taken after we completed the installation. You can see the stairlift starts at the bottom very close to the start of the steps and slowly curves up. We can also do a colored rail to blend in but this customer chose the standard.

Here’s what the start looks like from the inside:

I have to admit, I love doing stair lifts (I didn’t think I would). Just look at how perfect that rail is. Nice and tight but we just enough room to turn.

Another look further up the stair case.

If this customer wanted, we would have put a turn and park at the top but they wanted to keep the rail on the staircase.

There it is!

This is an extreme example of an indoor curved stair lift near San Francisco but it showcases what we can do. We can overcome any stair case with our stair lifts. Why not trust the best and give us a call.