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Hello all, I wanted to share another Stair Lift we recently finished in the Bay Area of Northern California, (the customer didn’t want us using the city but gave us permission to post photos.)

Most of our customers purchase a stair lift for the home that they’ve been living in. But, this customer actually purchased and moved into this house knowing that they needed a way to get to the second floor. They were a couple in their late 70’s and the husband could climb stairs just fine but his wife was having difficulty. She had terrible knee problems and just couldn’t do the stairs anymore. They called us and we looked over all their options and a stair lift was the right choice. The stair lift provides them with a way of adding a safe and affordable way to stay in this new home that they loved.

I really enjoyed working with this couple. They were so nice and very smart to get the stair lift when they recognized they needed it. Our experience has taught us that the sooner a stairlift is installed, the sooner you will be able to start appreciating the things you love doing. In fact, we’ve found out that most people wait, on average, six months before calling us!

They have what we call a “Spiral Staircase.” It makes a slow, curving turn as the stair lift goes up the stairs. It is no challenge for us and the Stannah Stair Lift.

You can really see how the Stannah 260 Stair Lift curves very slowly up the stair case. It really is an amazing product that we are so proud of. You can see they have a short start at the bottom. Here’s a closer picture:

The door was not a problem for us as we got the stair lift as close to the stairs as possible. We can do many different parking arrangements at the bottom of the stairs: extended, 90 degree, 180 degree, etc. None of these were an option here, as you can see. This stair lift was the Starla model and it comes in a variety of colors and wood finishes that you can find here. The elegant curved rail and fold-away chair design leaves your hallway looking spacious and tidy with plenty of space for other stair-users. When not in use, the Starla folds neatly against the wall, giving you and others plenty of space. To store the stairlift away, you can fold away the arms and seat and use the lever to raise the footrest. There’s no awkward bending down, which is particularly useful at the top of the stairs.

This customer had plenty of room at the top of the stairs so we extended the rail for the stair lift an extra several feet.

To the left of the chair you’ll see our remote control. The wall-mounted controls at the top and bottom of the stairs make it easy to call the stairlift whether you are upstairs or down. They come in a holster so, if you’d like, you can pick it up and carry it around with you.

I hope you liked the photos and review. Please give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to help you!