Stair Lift Guide for California & Nevada

What should you look for in a stairlift?

Once you’ve made the decision to get a stairlift, the next step is choosing the right model for you.

Friend’s recommendation

Do you know anybody that owns a stairlift? If so, talk to them – their experience could prove useful. What do they like about their stairlift? What would they change?

Shop around

Ensure you have more than one stairlift quote so you can do a like for like comparison on the complete package, including product features and service after installation. Choose the right stairlift in your own time.

Professional advice

Make sure that you choose a stairlift manufacturer that has a product that complies with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) A18.1. In California and Nevada, the lifts must be built and installed according to this code per state requirements.

Another good way of assessment is checking which award and accreditations the stairlift provider may already have.

An impartial guide

The CSLB provides a great guide to choosing a contractor. You can get that here.

Try before you buy

We understand that purchasing a stairlift is an important decision. This is why we recommend you visit our office and go for a test ride before you buy.

What’s the best stairlift for you?

To choose the right stairlift, look at your personal circumstances and consider which product features would benefit you the most. To help you assess your situation, an experienced stairlift representative will talk you through the available options and inform you about which type of stairlift will work for you – both now, and in the foreseeable future.