Wheelchair Lift Las Vegas

Wheelchair Lift Las Vegas, or Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL), are for anyone having who needs to access another level in their home or in a public location. Wheelchair Lifts provide access to second levels, stages, and mezzanines. Wheelchair Lift Las Vegas are versatile and can be customized to fit any home or public location. From the outdoors to the office tower lobbies, we have a reliable Wheelchair Lift Las Vegassolution available in many design and functional options.  Our wheelchair lifts can accomable any and all wheelchairs, scooters or any mobility equipment out there.  These are a great option when you can’t do a chair lift (stair lift). 
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Wheelchair Lift Las Vegas since 1987

Since 1987, ACME Home Elevator has been providing wheelchair lift las vegas. Our owner, Terry Pope, is a founding member of the national code committee that governs how these lifts are manufactured and installed, the ASME A18 code. We will provide you with a great, functional and cost effective wheelchair lift that will work in your home or office.

Wheelchair Lift Las Vegas Quick Facts

We provide Vertical Platform Lifts made by Trust Ram. 
Access lifts like these need to be first and formost, reliable. Trust Ram provides the best value for your dollar. It’s a great lift that works every time you need it. Made in North American, these lifts are designed to be what you need. 

Interior and Exterior

Each unit is built out of steel and powder coated to withstand the wind, dust and sometimes rain of Las Vegas. We’ve had our VPLs go through rigorous environmental testing to ensure operation in any weather. Even hail! Although, you wouldn’t want to be outside in a hail storm anyway. 

Fast Manufacturing and quick installation

Trust ram gets the lift quickly. Once we get the VPL, we can turn around and install it sometimes in one day. Most installations take 2-5 days. If you’re in a Commercial location then you’ll need an inspection with the state of Nevada’s elevator division. 

Automatic Doors

Someimes you’ll need an automatic door. If you are doing anything instead of a Front and Rear door arrangement, then you might want to consider adding an operator. If you are in a commercial location, then they are required by ADA (American with Disabilities act).

Battery Back up
Each of our Wheelchair lifts come with a battery back up to automatically lower the lift in case power is loss. There is also a manual lowering device. We also offer a batter option to run the lift in case power is lost. 

Portable Wheelchair Lifts

We can also provide a portable vertical platform lift. These allow you flexibility if you only need temporary access. Travel is up to 60″ only so make sure you’re not trying to go further than that. The lift is mounted to rollers and can be wheeled away when not in use. 

Veteran, Family owned and operated
Terry founded ACME Home Elevator in 1987. Nancy Pope, Terry’s wife, joined soon after. Acme has become a multi-generational company now as Terry and Nancy’s son, Wes, is ACME’s President. This will ensure ACME’s commitment to its customers with providing service from the first phone call until you don’t need us anymore. Both Wes and Terry are US Navy veterans. Terry having served in the Vietnam war and Wes in  Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. 

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