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ACME Residential Elevators

For over 30 years, ACME, a Division of Stannah, has been installing and servicing custom home elevators in California. We are fully licensed and insured. 
Our experts are available from start to finish to assist you in planning your elevator design and installation. We work with designers and architects to identify any design issues that may impact the desired use of the elevator or make suggestions for layouts that will work best for your needs.  Our involvement at the beginning can significantly increase the quality of the final product as well as save costs.

We offer fully customizable interiors with luxurious standard features and a range of convenient options. Options abound for those looking for flexible design, function, or size, making Stannah ACME your go to source for elevators. 

Features and Options

ACME elevators feature optional touch-free call stations, LED backlit bottons, customizable gates, interiors and finishes. We’ve highlighted a few of these customizable features below. For a more detailed idea of the customizations available to you, give us a call!


Customize the exterior of your elevators with side sliding doors and gate.


Customize your hall with station and push-button options.


View elevators in context to visualize one in your home.

ACME Residential Elevator Doors

For the home owner that wants the “Complete Elevator Experience” ACME offers side sliding doors. These doors are exactly like what you’d see in a commercial building and are a fantastic finishing choice.

Side Sliding Doors

We have been installing and servicing commercial-type, side sliding doors for over 25 years. These doors come standard in beige epoxy. Custom side sliding doors in stainless steel, glass or bronze are also available.

ACME Residential Elevator Finishes

Elevator hall finishes include the hall station and push-buttons used to call the elevator from the hall or room. Customize your hall with a hall station panel to blend in or stand out from your wall and choose the push-button style and back-light that suits your interior design best. A touch-less hall station is also available from ACME. Call your elevator with the wave of a hand!

Hall Station

Stainless steel, or plastic finishes are available for your hall station.  A digital display is optional.


Push-button choices include, standard one-button, numeric keypad, or even touch-less with no buttons at all. LED back-lights are available in a variety of colors.

ACME Residential Elevator Installations


Over the past 30 years ACME has installed thousands of elevators. One of our most commonly asked questions is how long will it take before I can use my elevator. The entire process can take 12-14 weeks once we receive all items needed to place the elevator into production. This time estimate assumes a start time of after signed drawings confirming your hoist way measurements are received, you have made your cab choices and unit in production payment. Take a look below to visualize what your elevator can look like once installed.

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