Home Elevators in California & Nevada

ACME Home Elevator uses the best quality home elevators anyone could ask for. As a company that’s been around for twenty-five years with an owner who has over forty years of experience in the business, ACME has the expertise and knowledge necessary to get the job done right. When it comes to planning and designing for your home elevator, ACME can work directly with your architect or contractor to make sure the location, convenience and design of your elevator is exactly what you desire.

Home elevators have many obvious immediate benefits including ease of travel, convenience when it comes to moving items to different floors, and the pure luxury of an elevator. Whether you are looking for an elevator that best reflects your style or simply allows you the full use of your home, ACME Home Elevator has a solution for you.

When it comes to having home elevators installed, there are several great options to choose from to make an elevator your own. No two cabs are alike as our products are completely custom made for you.

There are solid-wood interior panels available in any species of wood. You can also choose between twenty-four colors of decorative laminate. Some great options include the ability to equip your elevator with glass side walls and even a skylight! Our home elevators can be furnished with recessed incandescent bulbs, a chandelier of brass and beveled glass, or even LEDs. Fixtures in brushed or polished stainless steel or bronze as well as etched and specialty finishes are options available for your elevator’s cab interior.

If ACME home elevators are anything, they’re safe and reliable. Many safeguards have been put in place to ensure the safety and security of ACME’s customers, and all of its products are manufactured according to strict national code and serviced by experienced technicians. Our elevators are equipped with a battery-operated safety feature so you’ll never be stuck between floors. All of our elevators come with emergency lighting and a phone. The elevator door and landing doors are all equipped with locking devices and safety circuits to ensure safe operation. Just to sure, ACME provides 24 hour emergency and technical support every day of the year. Most issues can be fixed or troubleshot over the phone.

While ACME Home Elevator prides itself on its products, safety and service are our primary concerns which is why we provide twenty-four hour support and emergency help that’s just a phone call away. All in all, ACME knows that its top of the line home elevatorswill be a luxurious and unique finish to your home but most importantly, it will never let you down.