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Save time, space and energy with a home elevator

Is a Home Elevator Right for You?

Stannah ACME offers home elevators to suit your needs and space requirements. We offer top brands, custom installation and reliable service. Discover everything Stannah ACME has to offer, then decide if a home elevator is right for you.

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Client Testimonials

“After researching alternatives, we chose Acme Elevator to install a elevator in our San Francisco flats.

The entire Acme team ( sales, operations, customer service, service agreement personnel and the service team)  far exceeded all of our expectations in all aspects of the process.”

Attilio C

We love ACME for our new home’s elevator service and maintenance.  Their service representative, Kekoa, came and did a complete service of our elevator.  He was professional, on time, listened to our concerns and addressed everything in such a timely manner.  They also installed our elevator.  I really appreciate their professionalism and easy scheduling.

Janet K

We thought we needed to install a home elevator because of a medical issue that had suddenly come up.  Scott, the representative of Acme came over within a day, provided knowledgeable and professional advice.  Ordering the elevator gave us an immediate sense of freedom and independence.  As it turned out, the physical therapist who came over convinced us that this medical issue would probably be resolved shortly and our needs probably would not be helped by using the elevator. The company cancelled our order without cost.  But were another issue to come up we would turn back to this company immediately.  It gives us the freedom to know that in the future we will not face the prospect of moving elsewhere just because of the problem of the staircase.

Martin L

Home Elevators Overview

Home elevators are an excellent solution for anyone looking to eliminate stairs as a barrier in their home. Although stairlifts offer a solid solution for anyone that can walk or transfer into it’s chair with minimal assistance, they are not the best solution for someone in a wheelchair. But many elevators come with high costs and may require remodeling or an addition. This can take months from sale to installation. But with a home elevator from Stannah ACME, the process is quick, easy and cost effective.

Home elevators (sometimes called “home lifts”) are residential lifts, designed for two-floor travel, that can be installed without a machine room or the complex drive system of traditional elevators. As such, these home elevators take up less space and can be installed faster than other types of residential elevators.

Whether a home elevator is right for you depends partly on how many floors you’ll need to travel within your home. If you have a two-level home, then a shaftless home elevator can offer the access you need at a lower cost. For homes with three stories or more, a traditional elevator is a more practical solution for providing access to every floor.

Since a home elevator does not need a shaft or a pit, a home addition is not required. But it is important to note, that without a home addition, a home elevator will reduce your square footage. 

Home Elevator Features and Options

When you choose Stannah ACME Home Elevator, you will have access to the Wessex brand of home elevators, a trusted name in the home elevator industry, with unique advantages. With stylish and generous finish options, Wessex home elevators will elegantly blend into your home. A low preparation cost means no wall modifications need to be made. Wessex offers several cab sizes to fit one person to a full wheelchair while maintaining a slim and sleek design. Operation is quiet, safe and reliable. Scroll through our image gallery below to visualize your home elevator solution.

Shaftless Home Elevators

Shaftless home elevators require an opening to be made in your ceiling (or floor, depending on your viewpoint) to allow the cab to travel through. What makes a lift shaftless is the absence of the surrounding wall structure around the cab, or what is called the shaft. Due to the less robust drive system, governing safety codes permit a shaftless installation. The smaller drive system and motor limit the travel and reduce the weight capacity of a home elevator when compared to other types of residential elevators.

Thanks to a few very important features, Stannah ACME home elevators are a very safe option. A floating panel above the elevator cab will safely cover the opening the cab travels through as your lift moves downward. In addition, a safety pan below the home elevator protects people or objects on downward travel.

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